Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer Vision services offered in Washington Heights, New York, NY

Millions of people use a computer or electronic device for much of the day, resulting in eye irritation and other physical symptoms known as computer vision syndrome. At Vistasite Optique in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, New York, Vladimir Dvoretsky, OD, provides eyewear solutions and lifestyle recommendations to protect your eyesight. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today if computer vision is affecting your work performance.

What is computer vision syndrome?

As many as 80% of American adults use digital devices for two hours or more per day and 59% report symptoms of computer vision syndrome, including: dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. 

Children and adults may experience these symptoms. Many children also report having symptoms such as poor attention span and irritability as a result of digital eye strain and device use.

What causes computer vision?

Hours behind a computer screen or other device contributes to digital eye strain. Words appear differently on a digital screen as compared to a printed page. The letters may not be as sharply defined, and the contrast between the background and the writing is reduced, leading to eye confusion. Additionally, glare and reflections on the screen make it difficult for your eyes to focus. 

Other reasons for the development of computer vision syndrome include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Improper viewing distances
  • Poor sitting posture
  • Uncorrected vision problems

A combination of these factors is likely present, increasing the likelihood that you’ll develop computer vision.

What are the treatments for computer vision?

Wearing lenses with appropriate magnification can help alleviate headaches and blurred vision problems. At Vistasite Optique, your optometrist can also prescribe anti-reflective or blue light-filtering lenses and contact lenses to reduce your symptoms of computer vision. 

Most eyeglass frames accommodate these specialized lenses. Prescription drops to address dry eyes are also available when needed, but they’re no replacement for preventive measures such as special lenses. 

How can I reduce symptoms of computer vision at home?

In addition to effective lenses made to reduce computer vision syndrome, you can change your habits slightly to help. Take frequent breaks when working on a digital device. Strive for a 20-second eye break every 20 minutes. During this break, you can look at an object 20 feet away to shift your vision and provide relief.

It’s also important to reduce overhead lighting, which only contributes to on-screen glare and stresses your eyes. You should also position yourself about an arm’s distance from a device for proper viewing. You may choose to increase text size on digital screens to improve the clarity of the image and reduce eye strain.

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